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Wild Ones Market


I am so excited to tell everyone about this project. I have been working with Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre to create an Art and Design Market to showcase the fabulous local design talent in our area (and a little beyond). This has culminated in my first Graphic Design job, as well as combining lots of my passions – markets, great local design, community events and well, just plain festival type fun. As curator, I am looking for the good stuff – things that make you smile, things that you want to live with, things that will give people joy. If you design or make something fabulous – or know of someone who does – we would love to hear from you. The first market is scheduled for Sunday, 28th October, 2012 – to be held in the studios at Hazelhurst Gallery. You can apply here. We look forward to hearing from you.

New things in the Tivoli Vintage shop


I had some time to add a few new things I have been saving up to the Vintage Shop today. See anything that you like?

In other news, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Sew retreat day has been moved to a new date – Saturday, 11th August. The greatest benefit of moving the date – everything will be the same – only with a new, lower price. I am really looking forward to this day and I will be making lots of sample pom poms in the next two weeks, so that I can share with you what you might expect to learn. If you are interested in coming along, pop over to the Sewn page here.

Nice to be back on the blog!

Sew – A retreat with Kristen Doran and Paperklip!


This is such exciting news and I have been keeping it for too long! Kristen has been planning a lovely crafting retreat that will take place on Saturday, 23rd June, 2012. Sew is the opportunity for Crafters of all levels to spend a fabulous day at the Sebel Harbourside Kiama (a beautiful location) learning one of three new hand-sewing projects with Kristen and making two fabulous custom paper craft projects with Paperklip (me). All craft materials are included in the day, along with a full buffet lunch, morning and afternoon tea, goodie bag and prizes. The event is small and cosy- a perfect opportunity to make – and make friends! Places are filling fast, here is the link to SEW if you would like to come and join us.

Another card – who knew?


A lovely lady by the name of Margaret called me a week or two ago as someone let her know I might be able to make something custom for her. Where else would you go to if you needed a card for Joy, who was their lovely president of their group at the RSL who was leaving, and they all wanted to say ‘thank you’? So, I made a card from lots of bits and pieces that were here. Margaret was really happy with the result. I have never really been a scrapbooker as such, but I think making cards is fun stuff.

A Quick Card.


Miss 8 has a party to go to, so this afternoon we made a card together. Like? A great way to use up strips of scraps. I also have some news in the next few days about a really lovely event that is coming up in June. Stay tuned for that one. I hope everyone is GREAT. xx

Hey Girl, whatcha doing?


I think my picture might er on the blurry side. I took it late in the afternoon, with too many shadows coming through the window. Perhaps we can look past that. Here is a small snap shot of what I am doing right now. I bought a copy of Wildwood, a magical woodland adventure aimed at the young (at heart) and created by a very cool husband and wife writer/illustrator team. I saw their story on Etsy a couple of weeks ago (there is a little movie about co-creating the book there) and I was smitten by the care they took to collaborate and create together. And it looks mysterious and a little sinister. I can’t wait to read it, especially as it gets rave reviews from Lemon Snicket, the (pseudo) author of the Series of Unfortunate Events (I own and have read all 13 of these!).

I have finished my first EVER crocheted thing. It is a triangle neck scarf. A big thank you to Kristen for teaching me how to crochet, and then subsequently re-teaching me at every Craft Group since until I finally, sort of got it.

I got some cute tattoos in the post from Tattly. I ordered the Julia Rothman watch ones. I would have put them in the picture except I have miss placed them since this morning. So in its place is a cute freebie that says ‘Love what you do’. I am going to wear it tomorrow.

I also got some very nice postcards in the mail from Etsy seller mrseliotbooks. They are graphic and modern and remind me of the work of Max Bill, who I am learning all about in class. He was a Swiss Modern Graphic Designer, from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Small girl and I bought some flowers. They are called Blue Buttons, and they are tres sweet. All floaty and not really blue, more magenta. But we are not fussed.

Watching lots of New Girl. Enough said about that. We love Zooey. Almost as much as we love Maggie. I think it pays to have a kooky name in Hollywood.

And I got a 78 on my first assignment. Happy. Busy. Tired.

Back to School.

Helvetica - the garland

Helvetica - the garland

I am back in school. It is going really well. I will be honest and say it has taken a while for all of us to settle into a different routine. I will be honest and say full-time study is a big step, and some days I can’t remember what I learned last week. I will be honest and say I have great classmates, inspiring teachers and super family and friends that are helping me out. Thank you!

I made a new garland. It is Helvetica. There is a documentary all about Helvetica – the font. I think that is amazing. We watched it in class and it was really good.

Hope everyone out there is doing well, and enjoying 2012!

Merry Christmas!


Hello!  It has been a while between posts!  And it is only a few days until the jolly man in the red suit visits us again.  Are you on the nice list?  You must be because you read my blog!  Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and the Paperklip shop this year.  Thank you to friends and colleagues who supported my school market, it was such a success in many ways.  Not the least that our school now has an air-conditioned hall funded by the market’s profits – way to go.

Next year will be very exciting.  My son is changing schools (he will get to ride the bus to school – most huge).  My girls will move up a year and be the ‘big girls’.  Mr Viking will hopefully not spend his birthday on the school BBQ!  Probably the most exciting for me is that I will study again – I am going back to TAFE after 20 years (yikes) to study Graphic Design (have I not always been a closet Graphic Designer I wonder?).  It will mean juggling schedules, a few changes here and there – though I am looking forward to learning a lot of amazing skills and travelling along a new creative path.  Will you walk along with me?

Wishing every one a very happy festive season – take good care, slow down and have some fun.

Black Friday Sale!


Today is a big day.  It is Mr Viking’s Birthday!  Hooray!  It is Christmas Shopping Night at school – the little event I have been planning for about 3 months now (and those are just passing showers we are having here) – non?  It is also the start of the Black Friday long weekend – the most shopped weekend of the year because Christmas is not that far away.  So I am having a little special – if you enter the code BLACK2011 at the checkout of the Paperklip Etsy shop – you will save 20% off your purchase.  All weekend through to Monday night.  Enjoy.

Modern Wedding DIY feature (toot).


Just thought I would let you know the pink heart garland was featured as part of styling page created by Jennifer Bell of the fabulous I Do it Yourself blog for Modern Wedding DIY magazine.  Looking super fine and pretty.  I want that typewriter too.

On another note, we are back from the Gold Coast (crazy fun) and Byron Bay (still as good as ever) and you can find me buried under reams of tissue paper as I teach myself how to make 100 tissue paper balls.  I will surface next Friday to hold our first ever Christmas Market at school.